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Prayer Times

Azaan Iqama
Fajar 5:50 6:15
Sunrise 7:09
Zuhr 12:32 1:00
Asr 3:28 3:45
Magrib 5:59 6:04
Isha 7:15 7:45
Jumuah Time: 12:30pm | 1:30pm | 2:30pm

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Due to the Phase 2 construction that is now underway, we can no longer accommodate any Salah al-Jumu’ah outside (effective immediately).  Of course, the building will be open during the construction and we will continue to have all salah inside the building, In Shaa Allah. 

We have tried our best to provide outside accommodation for many years but now almost the entire site is under construction and therefore there is no space for any salah outside.  Furthermore, we have been unable to find any alternate place for jumu’ah within a reasonable distance.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note that we will continue to have THREE jumuah times:  11:45am, 12:45pm, 1:45pm, to help accommodate as many brothers and sisters as we can, In Shaa Allah.


The Construction area is now completely closed off and fenced-in, including our main entrance.  Please do not use the main entrance as it is for Contractors only and do not walk into the construction area. 

For parking, please use the new 2nd entrance that has been opened to the west end of the property. 

The temporary parking area and pedestrian access to the Masjid is shown on the following diagram:


Phase 2 Overview

Alhamdulillah, Phase 1 was completed on time with your support and Dua's. However, Phase 1 is already too small and we urgently need to expand, insha'allah.

Phase 2 is a 15,000 sq. ft. $6 Million expansion to add the following urgently needed facilities:

  • Parking Lot Expansion
  • Gymnasium
  • Classrooms (8+) for Full-Time School
  • Ghusl facility for Mayyit
  • Elevator & New Lobby

Please DONATE GENEROUSLY (Qard Hasanah is Welcome)

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,
Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmat Allahi wa barakatuh.

ALHAMDULI ALLAH, we have obtained a Building Permit to start the construction of Phase 2!  This is a partial permit for stage 1 - excavation & shoring. 

We expect to start construction soon in October 2018, in shaa Allah, pending the availability of a contractor.

Although we can start anytime, In shaa Allah, the next step is to find a contractor that specializes in this part of the construction.  RFQ’s to contractors, contractor selection, mobilization, and site preparation is expected to take 10-12 weeks, in shaa Allah.  In Ramadan, we announced that we expected to start in Spring 2019 but Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala has given us an earlier starting, alhamduli Allah!  Work for the approval of the next stage building permit is underway. 

In these 1st ten days of Dhul-Hijjah, in which deeds are the most beloved to Allah, please donate generously to the Phase 2 project in the heart of Mississauga. .  May Allah accept it as Sadaqah Jaariah on your behalf.  Jazakum Allah Khairan!